Geographical features and mild climate allow outdoor activities all year round in the DOLOMITI PREALPI territory.

You can find many hiking and Nordic walking itineraries, mountain bike and road cycling routes and equestrian trails and, during the winter, alpine ski slopes and snowshoe tracks. There are also numerous cliffs and boulders for climbers, ravines suitable for canyoning, launch areas for free flight, slopes for alpine ski, cross-country and telemark lovers and for ski mountaineering.

All this makes the Dolomiti Prealpi territory a reference point in all seasons for athletes from all around the world.

With the early cold weather the snow comes, giving the opportunity to choose between countless outdoors activities. It’s very simple to have fun! Just a pair of skis or skates, or a pair of snowshoes away from the ski runs, noises and people, and submerge yourself in the silence of the woods, hearing just the sound of your own steps. We’re talking about the mountain paths for walking and hiking: clearly signaled, they are simple but also exciting ways. It is a pleasure, when kissed by the sun,you reach a typical pasture or a refuge for the lunchtime. Unforgettable holidays… Who has never dreamed about dancing on ice, feeling light, having spins and acrobatic figures? Perhaps it is difficult to find the balance on the skates at first, but the emotion is guaranteed and you will never feel freezing! The Feltre’s Ice Arena is the perfect place to spend a good day with friends, or with the family, have fun and do some exercise. Mountain doesn’t mean just only snow or ski slopes, but much more, in particular when the weather is better and the sun warms up the peaks until evening and the lawns are covered by flowes and the herders conduct the cows up to the mountain pastures.
A lot of activities can be done in these landscapes , like spending the night in a typical mountain hut and appreciating the sun that sets behind the peaks lightening the Dolomites with a pink color, or having relaxing moments and fishing on the banks of a lake.