The uniqueness of a very natural territory and its ancient agro-pastoral traditions, handed down over the centuries with wise peasant culture, have preserved to this day an extraordinary agricultural heritage, appreciated not only locally but also nationally.

Small and very small agricultural productions, mostly of a seasonal nature,aimend at an audience that researches and appreciates the flavours and values of tradition, originality, simplicity,as well as productions that have managed to combine tradition and technological innovation.
Cheese, cold cuts, legumes and cereals, fresh or dried fruits tell us, with authenticity, the history of Belluno’s Dolomites.

I prodotti tipici del territorio

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This cheese is really tipical of theValbelluna. In the past it was consumed mainly by the herdsmen and, together with polenta, it was the main dish of a poor but genuine cuisine.
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Mais Sponcio

In the collective imagination, the “Sponcio” corn represents the typical corn and therefore the typical polenta of Veneto’s mountains, with all the references that can be drawn from the uniqueness of the Dolomites’ environment.

Ricette tradizionali con prodotti d'eccellenza