Among valleys, meadows and rocky peaks, a backdrop of life and ancient traditions opens up, civilization histories and cultural exchanges that dress and enrich the local cuisine with many colors and aspects. The cuisine of the Dolomites is rich and tasty, and its the cuisine that rewards the hard work in the valleys, during the cold winters.
It is the cuisine of the heart,of the long cooking on the stove,of the hot and fragrant soups,of the ”polenta” .
It is the cuisine of the mountain cheeses, potatoes and beans. A simple and homely cuisine.

Typical traditional recipes

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This cheese is really tipical of theValbelluna. In the past it was consumed mainly by the herdsmen and, together with polenta, it was the main dish of a poor but genuine cuisine.
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Mais Sponcio

In the collective imagination, the “Sponcio” corn represents the typical corn and therefore the typical polenta of Veneto’s mountains, with all the references that can be drawn from the uniqueness of the Dolomites’ environment.