Thanks to the millennial union between mankind and nature and to the skilled hands that work land products, Dolomiti Prealpi is also a place of unique flavors that arise from the contact between the Venetian culinary tradition and the Ladin-Dolomite one.

Many products are protected by special associations which recognize their typicality. Among these there are the PGI Lamon Bean, Giàlet Bean, “Noce Feltrina” (walnut of Feltre), Pom Prussian Apple, “Morone feltrino” (chestnut of Feltre), “Zucca Santa Bellunese” (so-called holy pumpkin), PDO Honey of the Belluno Dolomites, “Mais Sponcio” (a special type of corn) and the PDO Piave Cheese.

All this ensures to consumers, tastes and feelings of past times. And the cuisine doesn’t feature only these ingredients: the food proposal is extremely vary and rich and comes from the union between the farmer tradition and the Mediterranean influence to which were added, in recent years, international tastes that have led to experiments and really successful innovations.

Alcuni prodotti tipici

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This cheese is really tipical of theValbelluna. In the past it was consumed mainly by the herdsmen and, together with polenta, it was the main dish of a poor but genuine cuisine.


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