The Santa Libera’s mill tell us a very old history, bined to the territory of Santa Giustina and to the water of river Veses. In the 1526 two wheels were in function for the production of flour, and during the centuries it changed to hand in hand of various owners,such as rich local families or families from Venice.
It was shut down from the last owners, the family Zanandrea, in 1981. The mill is build on two floors, and it’s a part of an old rural court.
On the first floor there are all mill’s equipments while on the second floor there is the granary. In 2004, thanks to the comunal administration of Santa Giustina, the mill was restructured and opened to the public.
There is the possibility to book guided tours in which visitoris can try the mill and undertake also didactic laboratory. Moreover visitor can hike through the old “water streets” of the territory of Santa Giustina, that arrives in the mill of Santa Libera, in Salzan.