The little Sanctuary issues spirituality and fascination. Situated on an hill at the entrance of the Cordevole’s Valley, in the adjacent building it hosted wayfarers and pilgrim coming from all Europe.Actually the church is dedicated to San Gottardo, a benedectine monks, particurly worshipped in German speacking countries. It is worth to say that in the medieval age, these lands were crossed by a lot of way of transit, and for this reason there were many Nordic influences in the arts and in the culture. The most important transport link that connected the German Empire and the Po valley, benefited the rise of a lot of hospices in the Valley of Cordevole and one of these is dedicated to San Gottardo, founder of the hospices. Inside this building the most ancient work of art is the icon of the Saint, painted in the early ‘400, but the most precious is the beautiful altar piece painted by Fragimelica, representing the Virgin between the Saints Gottardo and Brunone.