The San Giorgio church,of ancient origins, is situated on an hill in the middle of the plian of Sorriva: here archeological excavations have brought to light medieval artefacts. Probably the church is an enlargement of the pre-existing building and the date of consecration is carved on the lintel of the main portal. There are a lot of decorations inside which are attributed to Nasocchio and Marco Da Mel. There are also fascinating gilded fresco painting in the presbytery. The church is deeply bounded with the life of Sovramontes’ community, particularly to the votive tradition concerning the great plague of the 1630. Indeed uninterruptly from 1631, every 23rd of April, some randomly chooses recruits from three Sorrivas’ families, are divided in four groups, dressed up with traditional regional costumes, in order to bring a copper-pot containing beens soup from house to house.