It is hard to introduce this museum as, also the wordly-wise visitor could not understand the criterion that the association of the Museo del Piave followed in choosing to exhibit the objects.
Infact the aim is to create an open-air museum in constant growth, that develops thanks to the objects and memories coming from the protagonist of the events and also from all the people that feel themselves close to this history-fragment. The museum is divided in two parts: the historical one,in wich the original objects of that time are exhibited, and the new one in wich reconstructed materials are exhibited in order to contestualize them with the events of the past. Real scenes from the past are re-built to show the life of the soldiers, from the trench to the camp infirmary. In addition, there is a multimedial exhibition with a flight simulator (aereoplane of the Great War, fighter, freighter, Boeing).
The result for the visitor is to image to be on the front line of the war in 1917, between the river Piave and the Mount Grappa, and to live again those moments and those places. The aim of this Museum is to never forget this historical period which is very important and distassing for everyone.