The memorial was built in order to honour the fighters that died for the Native Country in the battles of the Mount, in the early postwar years. Inaugurated the 23 september 1935, with an opening ceremony with the presence of the king Vittorio Emanuele III, the project was realized by the architect Giovanni Greppi and by the sculptor Giannino Castiglioni, the same artist who realized the Memorial of Redipuglia. The Memorial hosts 12.615 mortail remains of italian soldier, with walled niches inside a building similar to a big fort, realized with stones from Mount Grappa. A huge scale leads to the shrine, build up in honour of the Madonnina of Grappa, from where the “Via Eroica” begins. In addition to the Memorial it is possible to visit also the “Caserma Milano”, that hosts the Museum exhibiting a lot of war-findings, discovered on the Mount Grappa and the gallery “Vittorio Emanuele III”.