This Museum is located in one of the oldest palace of Feltre, which in the past was owned by family Villabruna, rebuilt in the early sixteenth century on an old Medieval’s ruin.
Inaugurated in 1928, this Museum is a treasure chest that gives a summary of the history of the city: it comprises an archeological section with Venetian Paleolithic fragments, objects from the Roman Age, Medieval and of the Renaissance.
In the picture gallery it is possible to admire an anthology of the Venetian pictures between ‘500 and ‘800. Extremely valuable is the furniture’s collection of the XV-XVIII centuries, produced by Feltre’s craftsman’s laboratories and used to recreated the setting of a rich residence of yore. Carlo’s IV mantle is very important for the local tradition.
This mantle is a rare cloth of fourteenth-century, donated by empereor to the Sanctuary of San Vittore.

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