A large staircase built in stones of Castellavazzo takes the entrance of the majestic Church of the Annunciazione di Maria in Mel.
According to the historical sources, the church was built upon an old cemetery and the ancient baptistery.The inside of the church, built in a single nave, preserves many pictorial and sculptural works of local artists, from which Antonio Bettio, who painted graceful monochromes of holy scenes, and Giovanni De Min , who realized the frescos in the apses have to be mentioned.
Nearby rises up the ancient church of the Addolorata, that conserves painting of the 1400-1500. The structure viewable nowadays is only the apse of the oldest church, ruined by the collapse of the bell tower.
The church conserves many works of art, including the tabernacle built by stones, dated XV century, and a splendid baptesimal font , surmounted by a carved woody gold covering. Noteworthy is also the work of Giovanni De Min, figuring the Virgin Mary with the Child and the Saints Tiziano and Vittore at the sides.