From the rolling Prealps to the peaks of the Dolomites, the DOLOMITI PREALPI area features a great variety of forms and habitats, defining a unique and complex landscape and can be considered as the monumental southern entrance of the Dolomites, World Heritage Site. The Belluno Dolomites National Park, the Prealps and the Grappa’s Massif, natural balconies on the Venetian plain, all overlook the central Valbelluna. The rich vegetation welcomes a large number of plants and animal species, many of which are rare and endemic species of extraordinary value. From the Neanderthal man until today, the human attendance has designed the DOLOMITI PREALPI area by writing its history in a great book made of archaeological sites, museums, castles, hermitages (religious retreats), sanctuaries, churches, fortified cities, villages, country houses and military works of the nineteenth and twentieth century: countless traces of a rich history that are worth a journey that will be surprising. The geographic characteristics and the mild climate allow enjoying the DOLOMITI PREALPI territory all over the year. There are many excursions paths and Nordic walking routes as far as trails for mountain bike, horse tourism and road cycling. During the winter season there are routes for excursionists and snowshoeing. There are many cliffs and boulders for climbers, ravines which are ideal for canyoning, launch areas for free flights, slopes for alpine sky lovers, cross country skiing and telemark and routes for alpine skiers. The Dolomiti Prealpi territory is a point of reference (landmark) for sportsmen from all over the world. RResult of the millennial union between man and nature and of skilful hands that work the lands’ and livestocks’ products, the DOLOMITI PREALPI area is a territory of unique flavors and tastes that arise from the contact between the Venetian and the Ladin-Dolomites gastronomic tradition. Many of the products are protected by specific consortiums and are recognized as typical. Among these are included Feltre’s walnut, the Pom Prussian apple, the chestnut and Morone of Feltre, the Lamon and Gialèt bean, the “Holy Pumpkin” of Belluno, the honey of the Dolomites, the “Sponcio” corn flour and the Piave cheese. All this guarantees to nowadays consumers sensations of other times.