Ingredients: 700gr. of fresh snails (alternatively frozen ones) water 1 cup vegetable stock 1 carrot ½ onion Chive Mint Rosemary 1 stalk of celery olive oil 1 glass of white wine salt 70 g mushrooms 1 tomato parsley pepper 1 clove of garlic Blanch the live snails in boiling water for five minutes. Immediately remove them from the shell. Cut them in half along their length. Put them in a preferably nonsticky pan, adding the vegetable broth and a good amount of sliced vegetables: carrots, onions, chives, mint, rosemary and celery. Cover with water and cook it over low heat for about an hour. When the water is almost completely consumed, pour the olive oil, white wine and salt and continue to cook slowly. Add the mushrooms and the chopped tomatoes. Towards the end of cooking, sprinkle with parsley and pepper and add a clove of garlic. Serve with soft and steaming “polenta”.