The Bean of Lamon in the Valley of Belluno, represents locally the most common and known type, finding great appreciations as well as many unsuccessful attempts of imitation. From the highland of Lamon and Sovramonte commons and including all the Valbelluna, the production of the authentic “Fagiolo di Lamon I.G.P.” is offered few certified farmers. The bean of Lamon, listed in the “Borlotti” type, has four distincted categories which are as follows: “spagnolet”, “spagnol”, “Calonega” , “canalino”. Each of them is different in the size and in the shape, but sharing qualitative characteristics of excellence, such as the flavor and sthe imperceptibility of the skin. Certifications: “Fagiolo di Lamon” is one of the most excellent food types in the area of Belluno, appreciated also at an international level, so that it was declared as “I.G.P.” by the European Union. Consortium for the protection of the “Fagiolo di Lamon della Vallata Bellunese IGP” Lamon Website: Shop: