Both the late autumn and the winter time, are the best periods to walk and meditate along these ancient routes.
You will discover a magical landscape: the cold fog in the bottom valley will conceal your way almost until the middle path, where you will be surprised when blinded by the heat of the sun, surrounded by the hights of the Valbelluna that emerge as small islands in a sea of clouds.
This small shrine, built over the ruins of an ancient tower at 929 meters on the Mount Avena, is the subject of numerous popular legends: one of them tells that the rainwater collected in the circular pool, which overlooks the valley, could cure the whooping cough.
The Sanctuary is celebrated on the 11th of August, when pilgrims walk the steep path, with devotees seeking protection from the "toss pagana", the whooping cough, and also support to mothers and their babies.
During the XIX century, along the path leading to the shrine, some holy aedicule were erected as signals at the crossroads and staging points. Where the sanctuary is erected in the past there should have been a fortified building which scope was to observe and lookout on the hollow, in optical communication with the castle of Feltre.
The place, militarily exploited since the Roman times and throughout the Middle Ages ,was afterwoods abandoned by the Serenissima Republic of Venice. The same strange water pool of water with its strange shape, may have been a brazier for the optical signals.
Starting from the centre of Facen, in the municipality of Pedavena, firstly take the street “ via Anconetta”, then turn right at the first capitol and continue along the path that leads to the old dwelling, continuing along the path and following the signs to the church.