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Carlo Rizzarda Modern Art Gallery, among art and culture

rate 4.00 €


If you like active holidays and you’re looking for strong emotions, the Dolomiti Prealpi area offers you many possibilities of surges of adrenalin: all you need is a pair of skis and climb the Mt. Avena where tracks are waiting for lovers of alpine, cross-country or telemark skiing. Or you can put on your skates and reach the Ice Rink of Feltre or, far away from slopes, noise and crowd, a pair of snowshoes and dive into the silence of the woods, just listening to one owns footsteps on the white blanket of snow. Warmed by the sun, it is a pleasure to reach a mountain hut or refuge for a traditional lunch…
Summer is the time for hikers, Nordic walking, MTB, cycling and equestrian tourism. There are numerous cliffs and boulders for climbers, rock-climbing walls to defy the force of gravity, ravines suitable for canyoning, areas of launch for free flight or areas for relaxing while fishing. All this makes the Dolomiti Prealpi territory landmark in all seasons for sportsmen from around the world.
Thanks to the millenary union between man and nature and to the expert hands that work nature’s products, Dolomiti Prealpi is also a territory of unique flavors that are born of the contact between the gastronomic tradition of the Venetian region and the Ladin-Dolomite one. Many products are safeguarded by a specific consortium and are recognized as typical. Among these are included the PGI Lamon bean, the Gialèt bean, the Feltre’s walnut, the Pom Prussian apple, the Morone feltrino, the “Holy Pumpkin” of Belluno, the “Sponcio” corn flour and the PDO Piave cheese. Dolomiti Prealpi…land of my dreams!

Dolomiti Prealpi some offers
Guided tour of the centenary Factory of Pedavena Beer
from 20/12/2016 to 31/12/2018
You can visit the Pedavena factory and its Historical Museum the features the ancient equipment and tools that were used to produce beer.
rate 3.00 €
per person
Organic Prussian Apple Jam
from 20/12/2016 to 31/12/2018
Alpine scenery, mild climate and fertile land: factors apparently so conflicting and different one from another but are here combined together into a unique balance, offering the ideal conditions for the production of local products of high quality.
rate 4.10 €
per jam – min 4 jars
Falconer for a day!
from 20/12/2016 to 31/12/2018
Live a wonderful adventure to understand the techniques of falconry in a fairytale stage at Castle Zumelle
rate 30.00 €
per person, including medieval clothing rental – min 4 max 10 participants

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Programma di iniziative integrate per lo sviluppo dell'economia turistica delle Dolomiti e della montagna veneta. D.G.R. n. 2425 del 14/10/2010.