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Parktrek Dolomites

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In the area of Feltre and Valbelluna there is plenty of choice for those who want explore the mountains and valley by foot, by bike or mountain bike or with by snowshoes. You can plan new destination everyday, discovering extraordinary territories and unique places.

Colle di San Pietro - Lamon
This short but interesting route, leads back to the origins of the Community of Lamon, that started to gather around an ancient fort built by Romans in the 1st century AD in defense of the Claudia Augusta military road.
Arina, Chiappini, Toffoli - Lamon
The “Chiappini” are a wonderful example of “ aligned settlement”.
Ring- route around Alano-Vas-Quero-Alano
The itinerary winds in the south-west of the Dolomiti Prealpi's area, at the foot of the Grappa's Massif.
Ring-route around Lamon
This scenic route reaches the mountain area of “Le Ej”, situated on the foot of the southern slope of Mount Coppolo.
Ring-route around Mel
The starting point of this route is the main square of the municipality of Mel, where you cross a porch that leads to a path.
Scheid, Furianoi - Lamon
In the ancient paper code called “The Rule of Lamon” of 1330, was mentioned the “Righ”, a long acequia derived from the Molina stream that runs through the center of the town.
Col Vigne, Furianoi - Lamon
This easy itinerary immerses you both in the natural and built environment of the typical terraces that rises on the right bank of the Cismon valley, which dates back to the Ice Ages.
Alano di Piave e the Great War
The itinerary covers the south-east area of the Grappas’ Massif, between the town of Alano di Piave and the hamlet of Campo.
Pezzè, Rugna, Ponte Romano - Lamon
Hidden behind the hill of St. Peter, hamlets, follow each other without interruption creating a landscape of absolute value.
Val Falcina - Sospirolo
Located on the right bank of the river Mis, the Val Facina is surrounded at south-west by the walls of mount Pizzocco and it ends in the artificial lake of Mis.
La Via dei Mulin - Lamon
The hamlet of Costa is a real beauty from anywhere you look at it. The start of this route is from the Roman road. After reaching the wooden Christ, go left and in 30 minutes you will arrive to La Val.
This itinerary travels along quiet roads, except for the short stretch from Giaroni to Fenadora and the final leg between Farra and Pedavena.
Croce d' Aune - Rif. Dal Piaz
The Croce d’Aune-Rifugio Dal Piaz itinerary winds across the Vette feltrine, one of the most important mountain groups of the Belluno Dolomites National Park, that belongs to the Dolomites’ group, UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Certosa di Vedana - Sospirolo
The first part of the route doesn’t have a particular height difference. It starts almost entirely on asphalt and then, after Ponte Mas, you’ll proceed along an easy path, which runs alongside the Cordevole river.
Foothills churches
The itinerary that links the foothills churches of the Bellunesi Dolomites seems to propose a unique and new route through the nature, history, art and culture of these valleys, less known nowadays.
Around the lake - Lamon
Wonderful ring-route that will take you throughout different environments. Starting from the county town, you will descend to Ponte Serra.
The itinerary, which travels through the plateaus of Lamon and Sovramonte, though not long, is characterized by a significant gradient because it goes up and down hill several times.
View over Corlo Lake
This short route follows mainly single tracks and dirt roads. It consists of two climbs of an intermediate level, the first one in the locality of Spiend and the second one up the Colle di Cer hill.
Between the Piave River and the Prealps
After the first 7km along the Piave river, completely flat, you will reach the hamlet of Cesana, where in the past centuries you could see a castle.
Le-Ej, Costa - Lamon
This itinerary connects the town of Lamon with Le-Ej. The path, sometimes enclosed like a trench in the friable red “Scaglia” rock, leads you at high altitude.
The cirque of the Vette Feltrine
The pathway begins from the hut Dal Piaz, and touches the nearby principal “Buse” (local name in which the glacial cirques are named).
Pustern de Arina - Lamon
In 1945 in the hamlet of Arina lived 1700 people, while today only 500.
Feltre-Cesiomaggiore-Pedavena-Seren del Grappa-Feltre
The itinerary features several uphill and downhill stretches, but the only challenging and tough leg is the climb of the tree-lined road that reaches the hamlet of Cart.
Vallina, Sirao, Gorna - Lamon
This handy and relaxing route traces its way through clearings and woods.
Itinerary around the lake in
A simply circular route around the Lake Stua, in the southern side of one of the most famous valley in the National Park.
Solio de Arina - Lamon
Following the road for the Chiappini location that starts from the Church of Arina, you can appreciate the great work of terracing carried out in the past centuries.
The itinerary crosses the northern area of the Venetian Prealps, in a very picturesque natural landscape.
Valle di Seren
This itinerary covers an area on the northern side of Mount Grappa, in particular in the valley of the Strizzon, under the jurisdiction of the municipality of Seren del Grappa.
Ring-route Melere - Pian de le Femene
The “ring” itinerary crosses the Belluno’s flank of the Visentin Group, between Passo San Boldo and the Nevegàl area, and consists almost entirely of mountain dirt roads, except for a few short paved roads.
The way of the Hospices
The Way of the Hospices identifies and proposes the ancient route connecting the Valbelluna and Agordino, on the orographic right bank of the Valley of Cordevole.
Furianoi, Pugnai - Lamon
This hiking itinerary can be extended to the distant village of Bellotti. In ancient times, this was a mule track that lead to the valley of Primiero and Vanoi.
Tematic itineray “Covoli in Lamen Valley”
A path with a historical and archaeological nature, which brings you discover “covoli”.
Ring- route around Col Perer
Almost all of the route runs along forest roads, dirt roads, with two climbs (one of which very challenging) and a technical descent.
Ring-Route around Feltre and Valle di Lamen
The recommended route is quiet varied. Although it passes across the towns of Pedavena and Feltre, it also crosses several areas of natural interest.
San Donato - Lamon
This is an itinerary that offers many points of interest and research. From the square, following the signs you will reach Pian di Sala.
The Cadini of the Brenton in Val del Mis in Sospirolo
An easy pathway leads you to a sequence of 15 deep pits dug by the waters of the river Brenton, which slips by limpid and littlewaterfalls.
S.Donato, Galline, Valnuvola - Lamon
From the center of the picturesque village of San Donato, passing in front of the former school and the old diary recently restored, you will reach the Tomii village.
Mel-Trichiana-Sedico-Sospirolo-San Gregorio nelle Alpi-Santa Giustina-Cesiomaggiore-Lentiai-Mel
The itinerary starts from Mel (where takes place the event “Mele a Mel”, the second weekend of October) and doesn't have a lot of difference in height in the first leg.
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Dolomiti Prealpi some offers

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