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Parktrek Dolomites

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The work of the water

The water, which works since thousands of years, modeling the dolomitic rocks, digging and crossing through the valleys, emerging from underground in clear sources, is the key element and protagonist of our territory.
The water of the river Piave, which tells us about the Great War and its bloody battles, or the water of the beautiful waterfall “Soffia” that breaks on the rocks digging deep ravines, or emerald silents water that reflects the “Monti del Sole” in the Lake Mis or the “Sass de Mura” in the Lake Stua, in Val di Canzoi. A variety of landscapes, all of them with the same character, but all beautiful, breathtaking ... unique!

The lakes of Rimonta
Small pools of springs water, created by the confluence of the river Rimonta with the river Piave, between the towns of Mel and Lentiai.
Vedana lake
The Lake Vedana, a mysterious corner of the Valbelluna, located in the heart of “Masiere”, in the municipality of Sospirolo is a place of great natural interest thanks to the presence of wetland flora and also for the fauna.
Brent de l’Art
The “Brent de l’Art” are enchanting places, able to reserve as much awe and wonder in the eyes of the visitor. They are the typical canyons carved into the rock by the river Ardo.
Stua Lake
The Stua Lake characterizes the valley that in many ways present itself as wild and untouched by the excessive intrusion of man.
The Vincheto of Cellarda
The Vincheto is a protected marshland area, located on the right bank of the river Piave, in the locality of Villapaiera, in Feltre.
Corlo Lake
The “Corlo Lake” , or “Arsiè Lake”, has a double soul, and it changes its personality during the year, depending on the water level.
Lago del Mis, Cadini del Brenton and cascata della Soffia
The Mis valley, caught in the heart of the National Park, among the mountains Pizzocco, Prabello, Agnelezze and Monti del Sole, is a place of rare beauty, with great natural interest, as well as historical and human value.
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