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Parktrek Dolomites

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Nature itineraries

Itineraries that can surprise and amaze, a beauty than is less shown on classical Dolomite’s paths, but deeper, more intimate and certainly more solitary. You can choose the path that best suits your needs: a simple if you are a family, by cycling for sport fans or a lonely path for the "hermits".

Piani Eterni a Cesiomaggiore (Eternal Plans)
Going up the Val Canzoi is not that easy. It is a long,hard steep forest road in the woods, but what presents itselfs crossed the pass of Porzil or Covolada is something that is already understandable by the fascinating name.
Altor, between the capitols - Pedavena
This is a walk to the discovery of unexpected landscapes, small villages, whose houses have frontages decorated with beautiful murals, depicting moments of rural life.
Fonzaso – Cima Campo – Passo Broccon - Fonzaso
From Fonzaso you moved to the city of Arsiè, where you tackle two long but easy climbs on the Alps of Feltre: Cima di Campo and Passo Broccon.
Ascent to the Church of Santa Susanna - Pedavena
Both the late autumn and the winter time, are the best periods to walk and meditate along these ancient routes.
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