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Parktrek Dolomites

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The history of Belluno’s Dolomites is very long and complex, beginning more than two hundred millions of years ago, among warm tropical seas. Most of the territory is set on sedimentary rocks, excluding the Val del Mis and Imperina valley where you can find very old rocky outcrops having metamorphic origin.
Nowadays ,especially in the National Park area, it is possible to see large grassy valleys, wide and deep valleys, sunny and broad rock faces , but also dark ravines, cliffs hanging over dark pits, high and lonely valleys, tormented plateaus where the karstic rocks allowed the development of a subterranean landscape made of pits, fissures, halls and galleries which penetrate deep into the bowels of the earth.

The karst formations, arising from the slow solvent action of water on limestones and dolomite rocks, compete to qualify and embellish some of the most beautiful environments of these areas, having a big environmental value.
Glacial form
During the last glaciations there were planty of small glaciers in many parts of the Dolomites, especially in the area of th National Park.
Water erosion
The valleys are the most typical morphological expression of the erosive action made by the watercourses.
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