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Parktrek Dolomites

rate 315.00 €


Running in the meadows, discovering animals and wild flowers, being outdoors and maybe tasting a glass of fresh milk. The ideal holiday! These areas can give you all of this, while staying in one of our educational farms, so that your kids can cherish the animals, go for walks,explore by bike or even by riding a horse, through the meadows and cool forests in the valleys.

Educational farm
A holiday between cows, horses, pigs, chickens and rabbits. Your children will discover the fascinating world of nature, playing and having fun in a homely safe environment.
Cesana Beach
Also called “beach of Bellunos’ citiziens,
Camper areas and picnic sites
If you travel by camper or you just want to have a nice picnic with your family, in our valleys, you can easily choose one of our equipped areas and enjoy your holiday without any worries!
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Programma di iniziative integrate per lo sviluppo dell'economia turistica delle Dolomiti e della montagna veneta. D.G.R. n. 2425 del 14/10/2010.