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Venetian Villas

Perfumes, sounds and colours of the nature are the beautiful setting of these enchanting Ville Venete ( Venetian Villas) in the area of Belluno.
Tiny stony streets, magnificent valleys introduce this ancient manor dwellings, where the time seems to have stopped and where locals’ love for the earth is part of the culture.

Villa Tonello – Fonzaso
In Arten,that in the past was a very important junction for the communication between Feltre and Valsugana, there is the characteristic Villa Tonello, realized in the sixteenth-century for the family Bovio.
Villa Fabris, Guarnieri detta “San Giuseppe” – Feltre
The Villa dominates the town of Feltre: in the beautiful garden arranged on several floors it is possible to admire the beautiful landscape.
Palazzo della Magnifica Comunità – Mel
Among the ancient palaces that overlook the square of Mel, little village perched on a hill that dominates the heart of the Valbelluna, there is the Town Hall, built in the Renaissance.
Villa Piloni - Trichiana
There are many villas in Trichiana and it would be perfect to take some time to visit them all, as every villa has a fascinating particularity that characterizes these Villa.
Villa Sandi - Sospirolo
One of the most scenic and opulent dwelling in all the Valbelluna is surely Villa Sandi Zasso, built up in a natural terrace facing all the Valley. Far from the city centre, the villa is visible from the main street Feltre-Belluno.
Villa Pasole - Pedavena
Perfumes and colours of roses, hydrangeas and wisteria, surround the visitors in the garden of this elegant dwelling.
Villa Norcen, Alvisi, Miari Fulci Compostella - Santa Giustina
Beautiful dwelling, completely surrounded with cropfields, right outside the rural village of Dussano. The dwelling of nowadays goes back to the end of eighteenth-century:afterwards other buildings were added and a dance hall was created.
Villa Manzoni - Sedico
Located on an hill that dominates the town of Sedico, Villa Manzoni is one of the most monumental architecture in all the territory.
Villa Tauro “Centenere”
The wide countryside of Centenere and the beautifuls peaks of the Vette Feltrine are the perfect stage of Villa Tauro, surrounded by fields and vegetable gardens.
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