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Organic Prussian Apple Jam

Alpine scenery, mild climate and fertile land: factors apparently so conflicting and different one from another but are here combined together into a unique balance, offering the ideal conditions for the production of local products of high quality. For over 15 years, producers cultivate this typical variety of apple of the province of Belluno, the so-called “Pòm Prussian” (Prussian apple). This kind of fruit has kept a strong link with the tradition and is intimately linked to the strong natural environment. The cultivation techniques, practiced since ancient times, are environmentally friendly with the methods of organic and integrated farming, accordingly to the “Pòm Prussian Cultivation Rules”.
From this fruit is made the jam obtained by the cultivation of raw products only from organic farming and in accordance with modern processes. Their perfect creaminess makes them the ideal breakfast with warm bread and butter or also for the making or decoration of simple or elaborated dessert.

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