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Mount Grappa

An historically important place, scene of many battles during the First World War, it provides many examples of the fighting. But the Monte Grappa nowadays means mainly environment, landscapes and natural beauty of inestimable importance: beautiful forests which afford large grassy valleys of glacial origin, already designed in ancient times for pasturing lands, the Malghe (huts), testifying the farming, forestry and pasturing vocation of the place, the typical "fojarol" , which are buildings used as refuge by herdsmen. These “huts” , characterized by the particular roof made with intertwined branches of beech, are now silent and often obsolete witnesses of the mountain culture. The culture of a world which is characterized by self-sufficiency and for this reason so versatile and able to meet all its’ needs. The rustic buildings, the ruins, sometimes just the place names, recall the man's work and its results: the hay, coal, dairy products, lime, wool for weaving and timber. The rivers allowed the operation of the mills, sawmills, and trip hammers. The Massiccio of Grappa suggests visitors wonderful walks, fascinating excursions into the echo of historical events and alpine traditions and the testimony of a substantially intact nature, rich in flora and fauna of great interest.

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