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Feltre and its surroundings

Feltre, lying along the valley of the river Piave, enclosed by ancient Renaissance walls, framed by the peaks , Feltre with its richly frescoed facades, set on the Colle delle Capre (Hill of the Goats), is surrounded by a timeless appeal. It is the ideal city for a leisurely afternoon walk. There are shop windows and small taverns, but also lovers of art and culture will not be disappointed. The old town has retained a special and unique aspect, the main entrance inside the walls is the Imperial gate, while on the extreme opposite there is Oria gate; At the midway point, the Pusterla gate gives access to a picturesque covered stairway.
At the top of the Citadel you can see the splendid Piazza Maggiore dominated by lombard fountains, surrounded by palaces “Gazzi”, “Bovio – da Romagno” and “Guarnieri”, by the church of San Rocco and dominated by the Casle of di Alboino.
There are two buildings to which a visit cannot be denied: the first one is the palace Cuman, nowadays hosting the Modern art gallery “Carlo Rizzarda”, ", dedicated to the master of wrought iron, favorite collaborator of the great architects of Liberty style, and the second one is palace Villabruna, the seat of the Civic Museum, which gives back the atmosphere of the old town houses.
The religious heart of Feltre is located just outside the walls, with the Cathedral under whose churchyard lies an archaeological area.
Of great importance, not only devotional but also historical and artistic, is the Basilica of the Saint Vittore and Corona, patrons of the city, situated on a rocky spur of Mount Miesna, in Anzù. Feltre also hosts major events of national character such as the Palio of Feltre, and the Craft show, la Granfondo di ciclismo ( Marathon of cycling and the beautiful night road race entitled "Giro delle mura ( tour of the walls)". The Feltre area is the territory surrounding the city of Feltre.It includes the western end of the Valbelluna, extending to the right bank of the river Piave and along the lower valley of Cismon river.It is , on the saddle of Arten, a point of contact between the Alpine foothills and the Dolomites and the Prealps. The biggest towns are located on the bottom valley (as Feltre or Santa Giustina, Pedavena, Fonzaso, Alano di Piave, Arsiè, etc..) or in the highlands plateau of the surroundings (Lamon e Sovramonte), while the smaller settlements are located on the sunny foothills strip or on Monte Avena. Much of the territory, as in the case of wetland of Celarda, Celarda, is protected by nature reserves for the flora, biological and environmental high value.

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