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Bedwater of the river Piave

The Sacred River of the Homeland, The Piave: it was named like that because of the historical events that took place on its banks during the First World War. It was the scene of the bloodiest battles of the Great War. The Piave is also rich in histories and legends: thanks to it that it was possible to build Venice. The “Zattieri” (Trunks drivers) were sliding down the river, which runs through the Valbelluna, the trees that were cut cut in the forests of high altitude and designed for the construction of the noble Venetian palaces. The river is rich in flora and fauna and along its banks you can see red deers, pheasants, hares, toads and a great variety of birds that stop to drink on the river sides. Especially during the summertime, it is very exploited by local bathers and tourists who take advantage of the large banks for sunbathing and to escape from the day heat by diving in the cool waters.

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